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Objectives and impact


EMPHASIZING project seeks to assess, process and analyse materials from wind turbine blades, as well as automotive and marine parts to create roadmaps for recycling. The consortium will work to demonstrate the concept of a circular economy for fabricating automotive end products from upcycled glass fibre materials.


  • Develop, test and optimise the EMPHASIZING system for wind and maritime end of life material
  • Develop upcycled sized glass fibres
  • Demonstrate EMPHASIZING's reclamation of high-yield, high-quality fibres via the fabrication of relevant automotive products
  • Develop a viable value chain for the exploitation of the reclaimed upcycled GRPs
  • Evaluate the optimal End-of-Life (EoL) route for the components
  • Conduct impact and LCA to validate investment in EMPHASIZING
  • Work closely with standards body, BSI, on standards for recycling/upcycling of GRPs


  • A novel recycling reactor that can effectively recycle EoL wind and marine parts in a low cost, low impact, low carbon footprint, and environmentally friendly way
  • A novel solution that does not negatively impact social equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Eradicating the need for harmful chemicals during composites recycling
  • Reducing the carbon footprint from incineration
  • Diverting composites from landfill